Stillness is essential in my work

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing my paintings is the way the paint is used to create a rich structure.

The process of creation is essential here. Each painting is, as it were, created by a process of applying paint, scraping it away, filling in and applying paint again, thus creating the desired atmosphere in both colour and light.

Sometimes lines or patterns emerge during this process, almost of their own volition. I use these spontaneously appearing lines and patterns to work with and expand on. It is a process of interaction as well as deliberate choice of direction.

Painting process

A painting consists of several layers of paints and pigments, together creating a rich structure.

I am hugely inspired by nature. Many themes are derived directly from the world of minerals, plants, spores, dried fruit, fish and more. At times the actual skin of the paint seems part of nature.

Recently landscapes have become a prominent theme in my work.

While fluctuating between a figurative and abstract approach, I create an imaginative world in which composition and colour seek balance.

Imaginary landscape

An imaginary landscape could just as well appear to be a scape of natural strata. Sometimes the blue and grey hues in a landscape can morphe land into water and a landscape into a seascape.

A certain amount of stillness is essential to all my work.

My Studio

You are welcome to come and visit my studio in Bergen, an artist’s village in the Northwest of the Netherlands. If you are interested in one of my canvases or just want to come and visit, please use the contact form in contact.

Each Year Open Atelier Manifestation

We have an annual ten-day Art Festival in Bergen each autumn, featuring exhibitions of a myriad of artists and artisans.

This year it’s from October 18 to 27 – 11 am to 5:30 pm.

The Posthuys Gallery on the island of Texel hosts a number of my paintings as well.

Translation Tanja Markies